First off, I would not be selling this, if I didn’t have 2 of them.
My other one has a jack repair & re-fret, so I actually use it !

First time on the market.
One Owner.
I first encountered this guitar when I was a young man of 18 years in 1974.
I was working at Whitey Lunzar Music in Columbus Ohio, when a gentleman (the original owner) brought the guitar in for a re-string.
I decided right then and there, that I had to have this guitar !
Wasn’t for sale, not to be.
Flash forward to 2017.
I was visiting Columbus (I had since moved to Las Vegas) and got a call from a friend with a repair shop. He informed me that someone was bringing in an older Gibson hollowbody for inspection and assessment, and was I interested?
Well to my surprise, in walks this 355. The original owner had passed away a few years back, and his wife wanted to sell it.
“I’m your huckleberry”, and its now mine 43 years after I first laid eyes on it !!

Ok, enough backstory, here’s the skinny:

1959 Gibson ES355, Factory Mono.
S/N A32038
100% Original.
Shows some checking & arm wear.
Some marks on top cutaway bout where there were stick-on initials (looks like normal wear & you have to be close to see them).
Frets are original & excellent, as the guitar had flatwounds most of its life.
1-11/16ths nut
Neck is .83 at the first fret & .95 at the 12th (right in between the 50’s & 60’s carve).
Weighs 8.45 lbs.
2 of the best sounding PAF’s I have encountered. Measuring 8.57/bridge & 8.75/neck.
Both are factory sealed. They may be Zebras, but the screw coil is black, so not dbl whites.
Some edge of neck wear in the cowboy chord area & biding has shrunk a bit on the treble.
Original Brown Lifton Case.

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