Here’s an excellent sounding Gibson scroll model mandolin from its final year of production. Produced only between 1934 and 1939, the F-7 provided players with a short-necked version of the F-5, while retaining the robust tonality and power. When first introduced at $125, the F-7 was fierce competition to Gibson’s top model, the F-5, at half its retail price. This is the model Bill Monroe famously used on his first recordings with his brother, Charlie.

The F-7 had a carved spruce top with f-holes, bound in single-ply white celluloid, echoed in the instrument’s headstock binding. The elevated fingerboard is squared off and features “Nick Lucas” style inlays. This later version sports the “curlicue vase” headstock inlay pattern found on the even rarer pre-war F-10 and F-12 models. The tortoise colored pick guard is bound in ivoroid and the all metal tuner buttons complete the picture. This example is in excellent original condition, with minimal fret wear and a custom rosewood bridge with a bone saddle. This F-7 is super clean.

$9,950.00*  with original hard case

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*Attention serious mandolin collectors — We also have listed a pre-war F-10 and a pre-war F-12 and we’re open to offers on the complete set of all three of these hardest to obtain Gibson mandolin models.

Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

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Vintage Gintage
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