New Firebirds- there must be a million of them on the market. They're everywhere and in virtually every color and configuration, from a Heather Poly III to a Sunburst I. Yeppers, there's no shortage of 'Birds to be had, so what's so special about ours? Well I'll tell you; It comes from us. You can bet your last silver dollar that we take the greatest care in the world to make sure you are happy when you get an instrument from us. They will always have new strings, be completely set up and in the best possible condition we could find. And, since we don't like changes, you can be assured that we are always looking for the most original pieces to be had because that's exactly what we like to get in the mail when we buy a guitar. Clean, straight and no excuses- that's been our motto for the last 16 years and it will continue to be so after we're long gone and turned into dust. So in the end, what's special about this guitar is, it's a clean, original, 120th Anniversary Firebird V that's ready and rarin' to go, right out of the case. That's pretty easy to figure out and hard to come by in this day and time, so if you're in the mood for a little 'Elk hospitality, give us a call and see for yourself what it's like to be treated like the best, by the best!

Year Condition Color Case
2014 Excellent Sunburst Original Hard


GrinningElk Music Company
Lee Jackson- Ray Mauldin
678-557-5641 / 404-895-3459
Douglasville, GA
6:39 PM
24/7, just like a couple of mad doctors!

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