Hello everyone and thanks for looking....Selling a New Never Installed Set of Gibson G Force Tuning System...These come on all of the 2015 Gibson Guitar Models and a few of the 2016 Models...great for Open tunings...New never installed with all packaging...the only thing Not included is the Power adapter....Free US Shipping with Buy it Now... I do ship worldwide...Please email me with any questions or for more info...Here's some more info from the website.....
Each machine head contains a small servo motor that can wind the string up or down. Servo motors are a common, reliable technology and have been around for years; the Gibson G FORCE™ servos are optimized for guitar tuning (small size, light weight, and high speed) and can also be tuned manually. The manual option is helpful in case you forget to recharge the battery (it does around 100 tunings on a single charge), but also allows creating custom tunings manually, which you can then tell G FORCE to store for future recall.

The controller senses string vibrations, then measures each string’s frequency. If a string is off-pitch, the controller sends a correction signal to the servo motor to wind or unwind the string as needed to compensate. For functions like alternate tunings, Gibson G FORCE™ stores the alternate tuning’s pitches, then sends correction signals based on those pitches instead of standard tuning.

By tuning the actual string, the guitar tone remains unchanged. This is significant, because there are other automatic tuning systems that synthesize a tuned string sound from an out-of-tune string. Aside from changing the tone, the physical string’s pitch can be different from what you hear coming out of the amp.

All of Gibson G FORCE™’s functions—alternate tunings, custom tunings, tuning to instruments that are in tune with themselves but not to concert pitch, adding pitch offsets to individual strings, tuning with a capo, and the like—are all based on the same principle: G FORCE measures string pitch, then sends any needed signals to the servo motors so they can tune the strings to perfect pitch (or imperfect pitch, if that’s what you want).

Aside from new G FORCE functions that were not available in its predecessor (Min-ETune™), G FORCE™ also improves storage option because people are getting creative and discovering there’s more to tunings than just “Dropped D” and “DADGAD” (see Fig. 1). It’s now possible to have up to 36 custom preset tunings, arranged as six banks. You can change these at any time, or revert to the factory defaults.

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