Super clean all original 1974 Gibson G105 twin speaker (2X12) solid state guitar amp with built in Phase Shifter, Reverb and an interesting compressor the control of which is labeled "Harmonic Multiplier". The Harmonic Multiplier sounds like a compressor which when turned up allows the user to hear frequencies not prominent without compression, the Phase Shifter is just ridiculous in a good way, the reverb fantastic. The orange labeled Gibson speakers appear to be the original Eminences their date code being 677229 on each, they sound perfect and have no signs of speaker fatigue. Great clean sound, lots of headroom for pedals when the master is wide open. Solid state amps from this era are sometimes fantastic as it is the case with this one, early solid state amps are usually disregarded as not so great sounding and there is an extreme tube driven prejudice against them. This is not only an unfair bias but also largely untrue as many solid state amps when old and made by a good company can be brilliant. We know that our favorite vintage pedals are all solid state, pedals with tubes in them are usually stupid (not always). This solid state amp sounds great, it's a valuable tool in any recording environment and certainly worth its weight in vintage effects if nothing else. One of the best aspects of vintage solid state amp buying is the price, always cheap in comparison to tube amps, they represent great value for the money, this one is in perfect working and near perfect cosmetic condition, more fun than your four thousand dollar tube amp in fact, smart money buys affordable vintage only $499. Thanks, VGA

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