Gibson 1965 Sunburst Reverse Firebird III Guitar - Vintage


Amazing Summer 1965 Firebird III! Very rare reverse body and non-reverse headstock style! SUPREME VINTAGE MOJO!

What we think:

What you see before you is the epitome of vintage mojo. This guitar has a well-loved look to it but that doesn't mean it doesn't rip like a guitar you'd find in a fact, it's even better because of how loved it is. Just setting the guitar in front of you, you can feel the heavy vintage vibes emanating from the guitar, whispering tales of long nights, lost loves...and good old fashioned Rock 'n Roll!

This is a guitar that begs to be played and once it's in your hands you can tell what a tone monster it is. We plugged it into a 3 Monkeys Orangutan Jr. and I felt like the room was going to come down around me (and this is from a 15W 1x12!). The tone on this thing is meaty and powerful with a throaty mid-range that speaks to you from another world and commands your attention. It's exactly what you expect from a neck-through, all mahogany guitar.

While we were photographing this guitar we had a long-time local customer who is something of a Gibson afficionado check it out and he said it had one of the best-feeling necks of any Firebird he had ever played. Make no mistake, this is a guitar for someone that wants to own AND play a highly collectibe vintage tone monster.

And now for the nitty gritty answers to some of the questions you may have:

1) Reverse body and non-reverse headstock? Are you sure this is real? - 100% real! This was made in the Summer of 1965 during the transition between what became to be known as the 'reverse' body style and the 'non-reverse' body style. The non-reverse neck gives the guitar a more traditional 6-on-a-side playing feel and better access to the banjo tuners.
2) Is it all original? - Mostly! The bridges on these guitars are 2-pieces and the piece with the trem arm is non-original but period correct. At some point in the guitar's history someone sawed off the original trem arm for a fixed-bridge style. We hunted down an intact period-correct bridge to make sure you get the original feel of this guitar. Also a new Firebird pickguard was installed but the original is included with the guitar.
3) Has the neck been broken and repaired at any point? - You are looking at a one-piece neck that has always been one-piece! No neck break and, therefore, no repair!
4) Does it come with the original case? - You better believe it. Unfortunately this case has seen better days but we think you'll be too busy playing it to care ;)

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