As solidly built as pre-war Gibsons ever get; many people feel that late-1930s versions are the ones to have. Originally made as a Hawaiian-style guitar, the HG-00, oddly, was built with a regular, radiused fingerboard and regular frets; all that Gibson did to make it play Hawaiian (or lap)-style was to put in an enormously high nut and saddle. And so, conversion: trim them to standard height and you’re there; one of the nice aspects of this is that the frets didn’t get eighty years of wear, are still pretty fresh, which is the case here. Even better is the fact that this particular example has no issues whatever; no cracks, no repairs, no unauthorized entry of any kind, is still just as solid in every was as the day it was made. The neck is of course a bit wider than usual on these, so for all you wide-neck fans looking for a truly great pre-war Gibson, here’s your chance, almost impossible to find one like this at all. Hugely strong gorgeous tone, beautiful action; simply fabulous. $5995 w/hsc

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