You know when you play a big fat D chord on a guitar and you just know it has that special something? This is one of those guitars. Sounds like it's plugged into an amp already. Just back from our experienced luthier it had a few problems that a 76 year old and played guitar might have which are now 100% fixed. These include rebuttoned original tuners, repaired loose finger and lateral braces.

Reset neck, fret dress, repaired bass side crack and new bone saddle cut. Set Up.

The J-35 of the early 1940's the most responsive, earthy, warm, and rich Gibson Jumbos ever built.
This example is all that, and then some. It's a guitar that can play any style of music well, and behaves perfectly under any kind of attack. Fingerstyle players will appreciate the guitar's subtlety and its ability to express tone under a light touch, strummers and singers will melt at its richness and fullness, and flatpickers will revel in the guitar's nimble and quick attack, thick mid-range, and powerful round trebles. Its not often we suggest that you can get along just fine with only one guitar in the stable, but you just might be able to with this one.

With NON-ORIG. case.


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