This 1943 Gibson J-45 is an exceptionally fine instrument for both the collector and player. Above all, the tone of this guitar is loud, dry, woody and articulate. The clean, original finish remains smooth and glossy without being buffed and shows light checking throughout. This one was produced during the height of the war so it has flat cog tuners, no truss rod and a Mahogany top. The only replaced parts are the bridge plate and one bridge pin (that's right, it retains 5 of the original bridge pins). My luthier made a quality replica of the original pins for the replacement. The braces are original, tight and never been reglued. The neck is laser straight and the frets show almost no wear. The neck set is good and the saddle has plenty of height to lower if desired. The original Lifton case is in good condition with the original handle. Inquire for more pictures of this true piece of American history. Gibson Guitar Buyer
True Vintage Guitar

True Vintage Guitar

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True Vintage Guitar
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