This is a road warrior once owned by a WWII veteran. It is in great shape, with a nice travel-worn patina. Amazingly few of these guitars (400) were made for this period and they were handbuilt by a skeleton crew of only the oldest maleluthiers on staff and women (the bulk of the males were in the war).
Four repaired vertical back cracks and small pick marks and scratches but the mahoghany front is clean, New saddle and a minor repaired side crack.
The sound is amazing, The neck is not as big as most and it is straight and very playable.
History that you can use. Vintage Gibson guitars fit like a great old pair of jeans--there's nothing like a venerable banner Gibson. This guitar feels like a fine instrument- the tones are rich and warm and very bell-like in their precision. Mahogany top, back and sides.
The tuners are working originals. Action is acceptable- 4.5/64ths at the 12 fret bass side but it sounds so great and plays so well we didn’t want to lower it even though there was room on the saddle.
There is a hole next to the endpin probably for a sound hole pickup
The guitar body is very light and strong, no belly under the bridge. The finish has now pleasantly crackled. Guitar feels very solid, no loose braces.
The sound is truly wonderful, terrific resonance, loud and full.
Original case with purple interior.

Atomic Guitars

Atomic Guitars

Very Good
Dark Burst
Original Hard
Atomic Guitars
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