This old gal came from an old cowboy from the Pacific Northwest.  This was his main guitar when he played a 5-year stint in Jackson hole Wyoming at a local watering hole and supper club.   This guitar has played gigs all around the Northwest and the vintage vibes are like an aura surrounding it.  It has that classic Gibson tone with clear, dark highs and a very present mid-range.  This is the guitar that stands out in the mix.

She needed a little TLC when we got her, so we entrusted local legend luthier, Nick Shilling to replace the bridge plate and secure some loose bracing. The original bridge plate was a three ply laminate, but he replaced it with the far superior solid maple.  The action is low and ready to go.  It plays effortlessly up and down the neck.  The period correct Lifton case in The photos is included and even has the key!  There was an imperfection in the pick guard that was filled and leveled. 

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Northwest Vintage Guitars

Northwest Vintage Guitars

Northwest Vintage Guitars
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