This is a wicked piece with an interesting story!

 This guitar is one of a limited run of 250 Jimmy Page signature EDS-1275 reproductions by Gibson. This guitar was used by none other than Steve Miller during his show in 2007 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA (see signed photograph). While the guitar itself is not signed, Scott Boorey (Steve's manager) brought the pictured photograph to a 2010 tribute show held for the late Norton Buffalo (pictured alongside Steve in the photo). The photo was signed by a plethora of incredible musicians who were at the show, including: Steve Miller, Michael Carabello of Santana, Tom Johnston/John Mcfee of The Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, and many others.
 Also included with this guitar is a stunning anodized aluminum print made by Santa Clara artist Peter Kellett. Copies of this print were commissioned by Gibson, who originally planned to ship one with each of the 250 Jimmy Page signature EDS-1275's. However, before Kellett could produce more than a handful, Gibson reneged. He decided to sell/give away what few prints he had produced, and some of them ended up with our shop's owner. This specific one is the protoype Kellett made before he began work on "mass production" of the piece. The back is signed and dated by the artist.
 As for the guitar itself: it isn't signed, but it's in pretty great condition. There are no cracks on the body or structural damage, and the finish isn't chipped or faded. The frets/fretboard are clean and hardly look used. There is no corrosion on the chrome hardware either. All pots/electronics are clear and fully functional. There are some scratches on the front of the body/pickguard, but overall it looks like a guitar that was gigged once and then put away. The case is in like-new condition.

This is an awesome ax with connections to quite a few amazing artists!

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