Zipper #2 Quite a rare guitar, the "zipper" inlay, Black and white checkerboard around the soundhole is a tasty added twist only produced in 1932. With a smaller, more squat body, it is, similarly ladder braced like the KG-14. It is a mini Gibson L-00. It's welcome compactness makes it a wonderful troubador's travel guitar. Feather-light, responsive, intimate, yet capable of playing some brash blues. Recent neckset makes it super easy to play but a bolt, sticking out of the new neck block (which is just visible thru the sound hole) was used to bolt the neck to the guitar. I've seen this on other KG-11 guitars- quick, easy if not lazy connection that is however effective.
$ corrected vertical cracks on back, clean front and sides. Front still has sheen
There is a little carved indentation on the side of the neck- a very curious and primitive attempt to slim the soft Vneck just where the thumb would reach over for the first fret 6 string to play an F chord. It is kind of silly since the KG-11 neck is pretty sklim foe a V neck guitar to begin with.

Year Condition Color Case
1932 Brand New Tobacco burst Hard


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