Kalamazoo KG-12 1942 | This is one of the cleaner and more rare KGs we've seen in a while.  It was built at a time when World War II was beginning to absorb the bulk of the male workforce and affect assembly practices at the Gibson factory.  

The KG-12 presents a few unusual features when compared to  a typical KG-14 built earlier in the production run, and was marketed as a higher quality instrument than the KG-14.First, when the neck was removed for the reset, we discovered a fully adjustable truss rod.  Granted, it would be a bit awkward to remove the neck for each adjustment, but the neck was nice and straight and required no tweeking of the rod.  Second, the attractive chocolate-brown 'burst strays from the typical Gibson orange 'burst.  Third, the head stock profile is that of the typical Gibson 'open book' rather than the usual KG 'rooftop' or 'light bulb' shape from the prior decade. Fourth, note the L-00 style pick guard.  Additionally, the chocolate-brown 'burst top is bound in tortoise celluloid giving the guitar an elegant, if not dark, look.   

Top is spruce; sides, neck and (one piece) back are mahogany.  Bridge and finger board are rosewood.  Both structurally and visually, the guitar is in tip-top shape.  The neck has had a recent reset; a pick guard crack was glued; the lifting bridge was removed and reglued; frets were leveled and dressed; new tuner buttons replaced the (typically) deteriorated and flaking originals on these Klusons.

The original finish still sparkles, and shows only minimal nicks and dings.  The neck is very clean, and the frets and board show scant signs of wear.  No pick or belt wear.  All components on the guitar (sans tuner buttons) are original including the pins, nut and saddle.   Inside is clean as well.  Intonation is accurate. 

The neck measures a hair over 1 11/16" at the nut, and 2 1/16" across at the saddle.  Scale length is 25" (note that most KG-14s one would examine have a 24 3/4" scale). Body width is 14 3/4" (same as L-00)The guitars action is set at about 5 & 6/64", and it plays easily.

 The tone is clear and full, fuller than its KG-11 brethren, and 'tubbier' with stronger mids than its X-braced cousin the L-00, due to the lateral top bracing. Very nice example of its type, and great for finger picking blues or playing old time music.

Check the audio clip of this guitar.

Comes with a new hard case.

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