Here we have a 1933 Gibson L-00 that’s had some repairs and mods, but this guitar also has a couple of unusual factory features that are kinda cool. Specifically, there is a Mahogany headstock overlay done by the factory and also a tapered Mahogany fingerboard underlay that is original to the guitar. A lot of instruments came out of the Gibson factory in this era with various “non-standard” features and that’s part of the mystique with vintage Gibsons.

The guitar is structurally sound but has enough changes, repairs, and wear (some dings and a patch of missing finish on the bottom of the guitar) that we’re calling the condition, Fair.

Original Brass 3-on-a-plate tuners. Replaced nut with a width of 1 3/4 inches. Mahogany neck with 24 3/4 inch scale length and vintage Vee neck profile. Neck depth of 1.06 inches at the first fret and 1.12 inches at the twelfth fret. 19-fret Rosewood fingerboard (with aforementioned Mahogany underlay) was at least partially refretted. The Rosewood bridge has been reshaped and reglued and given a new bone saddle. The guitar’s bridgeplate has been replaced. Glued cracks in top and back. Kerfing has been replaced.

If you’re finicky about originality, this is not your guitar. But a handful of repairs and replacements don’t change the fact that this is one awesome little L-00. Once it’s in your hands, we know you’ll warm up to this sweet guitar in a big way.

Year: 1933

Model: L-00

Serial: FON 865

Finish: Black and White (Tuxedo)

Case: Comes with a chip board case.

Weight: 3 pounds 3 ounces.

Condition: Fair to Good Vintage Condition (with a few modifications, repaired cracks, and areas of lost finish)

Modifications: Replaced bone nut and saddle; reshaped and reglued bridge; partial refret; glued top and back cracks; some repaired kerfing; replaced Maple bridgeplate

Comments: There's nothing like a Tuxedo L-00 to warm our heart and soul.

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