Hudson Vintage Guitars proudly presents a Stunning Gibson L-12 Archtop. You are looking at a piece of Jazzer history here!
This piece has no splits or cracks. None!
There are a couple of 3 filled in areas in the center of the top where a pickup may have been installed then later removed. We have captured these in attached photos. There is a little buckle rash on the back, pictured herewith & also some slight abrasion in the neck as photographed.
Otherwise the guitar is near perfect! She plays great & loud owing to the huge 17” lower bout.
we installed a new pick guard & tail piece. Then the guitar received a delightfully smooth slick setup performed by Phil D’Angelo & finished off with a new set of 12/53 flat wound strings.
This guitar has amazing playability all way up & down the neck. The gold tuners (original) work perfectly
Al you jazzers need to wake up & play this fine axe The sustain is outrageously out of this world

We pack & ship in the original case on which we have performed mild cosmetic repairs .
Hudson Vintage Guitars, LLC.

Hudson Vintage Guitars, LLC.

Hudson Vintage Guitars, LLC.
Perry Faraclas
Hackensack, New Jersey
9:23 AM
By appointment please.