•A Unique and Historical Transitional Instrument
•The Very First L-00 Body
•Twelve Frets to Body
•Banjo Tuners, Neck Volute

A fascinating, historic instrument, this lovely guitar is the earliest L-00 shaped body made. While retaining the layered bridge, A bracing and 24 1/4" scale of the earlier "Robert Johnson" style L-0 and L-1, It has the Grover banjo tuners, neck volute and gorgeous sunburst finsh found mainly in 1928 and '29, 12 frets to the body that Gibson used up till around 1932, and the larger L-00 body that lasted into the very early '40s. We bought it from the original family, and although in wonderful condition, we did some work on it, mainly repairing a small hole in the side, flattening the top, replacing the bridge plate, and repairing two hairline cracks. It is now wonderfully playable, and sounding to it's full potention. It is strung with light gauge strings, and has a remarkably alive and rich tone.

The fretboard binding is white/black/white on the side, thus our designation as an L-2. The neck is a 1928 C shape, quite slim for the period. Gibson's L-5s of 1928 are well known for having a particular C shape that is much slimmer and nicer than before or after that year.

Year Condition Color Case
~1929 Excellent sunburst Hard


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