Offering an outstanding example of a 1921 Gibson L-3 Round Hole Arch Top. This guitar was built in the same year Lloyd Loar joined Gibson. The guitar is in real fine condition considering its’ age.
There is a non original bridge, tail piece & tuning machines. In back there is a small center seam separation which has been re-glued & barely visible.
This is a 12 fret guitar. Sonically, she plays well & loud, however; all instruments of this era had very big necks since their build was during pre truss rod era, so that neck stabilization was achieved with a beefy neck.
Naturally there is plenty of wear, some scratches & crazing, however; this is a very attractive piece that shall adorn your vintage collection.

We have a no return policy so please examine photos carefully & we shall be pleased to address all questions.
Hudson Vintage Guitars, LLC.

Hudson Vintage Guitars, LLC.

Red Burst
Hudson Vintage Guitars, LLC.
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