1951 Gibson L-5C in excellent condition. This guitar is a bit perplexing, the factory order number (8497) and serial number (11164) on this L-5c both date to 1951 although the neck shape, frets, and sunburst are exact specifications to a 1961. Full 1 11/16” nut width but with the shallower early 60’s neck profile. Perhaps this was sent to Gibson to have a new neck, although normally Gibson did not refinish the entire instrument when re-necking one. Or perhaps this was in the factory and completed after the serial number was stamped. Under a black light the finish is even with no blemishes and it’s absolutely consistent everywhere.

The previous owner had this guitar for over 35 years and kept it in this condition. The sound nonetheless does not disappoint, a full tone and exceptional playability. This neck profile is the shape that jazz players love and that inspired Jimmy D’aquisto. At one point this had a pickup, but has since been dismounted. The replacement pickguard is cut for a Kent Armstrong, and can easily be reinstalled. No pickup has ever been attached to the fingerboard extension. Overall a fine Gibson L-5c with the sound of a 1951 and feel of a 1961. Comes with a 1970s Gibson 17” wide hardshell case.

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