Offered for sale;

Used c1974 Gibson L6-S Custom serial number 174985.

This L6-S is in good to very good condition. The neck and frets are fine. Cosmetically it shows finish “wear through” around the edges and in several places. There are various nicks & marks about the guitar. This guitar is a one owner example that shows and abundance of patina accumulated from many years of playing. This guitar was purchased new from Stuart at Manny’s Music in Manhattan in the summer of 1974 while its owner was attending Berklee.

The original Bill Lawrence pickups have been replaced with a DiMarzio PAF in the neck position and a DiMarzio Super 3 in the bridge position. The volume and mid-range tone pots were also replaced. The tuners were upgraded Grovers. The body was showing a slight separation at its seam which was professionally repaired. A complete setup has been performed.

The owner commissioned a craftsman to create a Silver nameplate for the guitar It is named “Jane” after a young woman the owner might have had a successful relationship with if he had reached out for her with more conviction. Hence the parallel of reaching for his musical success.

The L6-S was the working musician's descendant of the L5S jazz solid body electric guitar. It was the same shape, very much like a wide Gibson Les Paul, but with a 24 fret two-octave neck, the first Gibson guitar to have this.

The L6-S Custom is noted for its six way rotary selector switch, complete with "chicken head" pointer knob. Starting with switch position #1, in the most counter-clockwise position, the available pickup switching options are as follows:

Both pickups, in series

Neck pickup, alone

Both pickups, in parallel

Both pickups, parallel out of phase, with the neck pickup's bass response
restricted through a series capacitor.

Bridge pickup, alone

Both pickups, series out of phase.

The capacitor in the #4 position gives a fuller tone than the otherwise very nasal out of phase tone. The capacitor serves to limit the low end response of the neck pickup, and also phase delays the signal from that pickup, resulting in a fuller tone, not too unlike the #2 and #4 switch positions on a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

The L6-S is a beautifully playing instrument with an extremely fast 2 octave neck that is completely accessible and easy to play in the highest register. If you haven’t played one, you should.

In the 70’s the L6-S had high-profile endorsements from the likes of Al Di Meola and Carlos Santana. Pat Martino, John McLaughlin, Keith Richards, Tom Johnston, Paul Stanley and Mike Oldfield, Dave Davies, Barry Goudreau, and Rich Williams among others.

The L6-S is now generally considered to be the most underrated of all the Gibson solid bodied guitars. It is becoming more widely recognized for the unique attributes it offers and this one in particular is quite special.

After 44 years of ownership, the owner is experiencing health issues and feels it’s time for someone new to love “Jane”.

Non-original Gibson L6-S hard shell case included. We have the original form fit L6-S case but it’s pretty banged up. If preferred we could include that one instead.

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