Original white pickguard! Like you see on some late, pre-war ,Super400s and L-5s This is the only one I've ever seen like this... it has a matching white fretboard and guard.

The guitar is just back from the shop with a new bridge and setup. It plays wonderfully and sounds amazing. It had a bridge replacement before, but we replaced that one with the correct size. It also had a trapeze on it for a while, those holes are filled down at the bottom. There is also a little hand done overspray, well lets say, brushing on the face. Very light, it rubs off if you try.

But the guitar was played very little, the original frets are in great shape, there is virtually no wear on the back of the neck and the back and sides are in amazing condition. Its not perfect, but it has an incredible look and playability.

Comes with the original soft alligator case.

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Original Soft
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