Another Holy Grail Alert from BMVG!

This instrument began its transformation 15 or so years ago as an unbroken, stripped 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top. After seeing what was under the gold the owner made the call to send her off to Jim at Jam City to be converted to 59 Burst specs.
We bought this guitar (less most of the parts) directly from Jim. The original Jam City COA is included.

This Les Paul is 100% all original 1953 wood and more; note the slightly off center and barely visible 3rd piece on this top (look just below the pick guard to find the 3rd seam) with the original wrap-tail plugs visible under the bridge posts.
This instrument again retains all of its original 1953 wood, including the Brazilian board, inlays, bindings, tuners, plates, back plates, holly veneer; note the placement of the logo which was intentionally not moved, this logo placement is 100% correct for a 53...

Lot's of folks claim it, but in this case it is clear as day...
This is the closest you could ever hope to get to a Burst for well under six figures.
This Burst conversion has 99% 50's parts; every single screw, every bit of plastic with the one and only exception of the pickup rings, which are masterfully aged OTP rings.
The parts and Paf's on this guitar are worth half our ask alone; if you were to try and source them all, here's the rundown.

50's Short seam stop tailpiece
50's No wire ABR-1 with original saddles, posts & thumb wheels all in excellent condition
50's Amber Bonnet Knobs
50's wiring harness & switch plate
1956 Centralab pots & 50's Bee's
Original jack plate
50's Catalin switch tip
53 Tuners with original tips - perfect functionality
Original back plates
Long Magnet Double Black PAF with original cover N - 7.6
Long Magnet Double White PAF B - no cover - 8.8

This little lady comes in at 8.6 lbs and has a lovely 50’s neck profile measuring .88 1st and .97 at 12th. Super easy to bond with and has very modest shoulders.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for more info, internal pics, etc!

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