I don't do much business in conversions but I do subscribe to the theory that old wood is a major factor in tone for vintage guitars. There are conversions and then there are conversions. I've seen routs done with a hammer and screwdriver. This isn't one of those. This 1953 wraptail gold top was converted by the noted German luthier Florian Jaeger. The routs look like they were done at the factory. The neck was re-set to correct the too shallow neck angle and the guitar was refinished. I was told only the top was refinished but I think the entire body was done (but not the neck-although some wear was touched up). There is a properly repaired old smile crack at the headstock. So, that makes it a good candidate for conversion. Lots of 50's parts...Bridge is correct late 50's no wire, tailpiece is short seam, knobs are correct 50's "burst" knobs. Tuners are original no line Klusons with original screws and tips. Not sure about the bushings. Truss cover is correct and probably original. Harness is 57 date coded and has vintage bumble bees. Pickups are sealed (never opened) PAFs with readable (but not complete) stickers. They glow correctly under black light. I have three cases. You get your choice at three different price points. There is a custom shop case (no premium), a five latch Gibson badged late 50's case (additional $2800) or a 59 5 latch Cali Girl case (additional $3500). What's not original/correct? Pickup rings, guard and that's it. It's a wonderful sounding guitar that is a joy to play. The neck measures .90" at the first fret and 1.03" at the 12th fret. The weight is 8 lbs 9 ounces. I added up the value of the parts alone and they would retail at just over $20,000. The price listed is with the Custom Shop case. I will sell the husk (neck and body only) for $12000.

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