BMVG's is pleased to present this 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard - 0 1930 aka "The Josh Burst"!

Provenance: An original California guitar that was sold in 1979 through Normans Rare Guitars. This burst made its way to Germany for the next 35+ years; at some point in the very distant past the guitar was outfitted with an Epiphone Tremtone Vibrato. This is a much cleaner alternative to a Bigsby, only needing 3 screw holes on the top and none on the end pin. The owner chose to cover the screw holes with 3 small triangular MOP inlays; which thankfully being symmetrical look pretty cool! No finish touch up was done, inlays glued down, that's all. The guitar was sold a few years back through Guitar Point & made its way back state side thanks to everyones favorite Burst Chaser; Joe B. The case still has Joe's tag and was given the moniker "The Josh Burst" by Joe whom lent the guitar to a phenomenal guitarist in his own right Josh Smith. There are plenty of vids on YouTube etc of Josh absolutely ripping on this double white flame top monster...

This attractive Burst has also been featured in Burst Believers I - page 64 / The Out Takes - page 13 / Sunburst Alley - page 65 / Burst serial and more. It is a very well documented instrument.

Ok, lets dive into some specs!

0 1930 - first quarter of the year gives us ALL 59 features and a med neck profile. .84 @ 1st & .89 @ 12th; for those who don't know this is a terrific neck profile that is both fast but also substantial.
Matched pots all date to the 36th week (Sept) of 1959, Bee's all looks good under the hood!
Single line tuners with single ring tips, 4 of the 6 tips remain original! Clean, unaltered tuner shafts and no additional footprints or screw holes.
Frets are original (nibs present everywhere) and in excellent shape. Fretboard is very clean with only the lightest signs of use.
Every piece of hardware is original and in terrific condition. (ABR-1 Bridge, all of the saddles, stop tail, studs, tuners, switch, pots, wiring, guard hardware & strap buttons) it's all there and it is all good friends!
All of the plastics are original and in great condition. (Pickup rings, pick guard, truss cover, knobs, jack & switch plate & switch tip) again all accounted for and all in terrific shape!
Pair of smoking hot Double White/Cream PAF's! 8.3 neck - 8.7 bridge. AMAZING!!!
Excellent weight at 9 lbs even a very well balanced guitar.

All in all this is a very clean & straight example of an early 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard. It has an excellent figured book matched top, a gorgeous honey fade & of course the double whites. The condition of the instrument is 9+ with the one and only nit to pick being the inlays. Love them? Great! you just saved yourself tens of thousands of dollars on an amazing guitar. Hate them? A good luthier can remove them.

OHSC included!

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