Here’s a truly great one, and an unusual one, and someone is going to get a steal of a bargain. From about ten years ago, a Gibson 1959 Les Paul reissue with a beautifully flamed-mape top. It’s in tremendous condition and all set up right here in our shop and ready to go. The unusual thing about it is that its former owner tells me that the top was replaced (??!!??!) by Gibson, for reasons unknown. I’m a pretty good detective on this stuff when it comes to finding evidence of shenanigans, and I can barely just make out a few tiny areas in the finish in a very few spots around the body binding, but that’s it. How, or more to the point why, someone would do this is beyond me but I can honestly say that if so, it’s a fabulous job and in the end, who cares? It’s a terrific Les Paul, it’s rock solid in more ways than one, has got all the attributes of the real deal, it sounds like the history of rock’n roll, it plays like a dream, and the price is like stealing it. This model often will go for $5-6K, even as used; this one is yours for only $2995 w/ohsc.

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