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Here we have a real rarity from Gibson’s revival period. You’re looking at a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Award, number 8 of 50 made (approximately), complete with its original case. If you’re the kind of person that wants a top of the line Les Paul and laughs at anything Gibson produced from 1969 to 1980 (aside from the Flying V’s, they are good!), read on!

Here at JTKM STUDIO we have great respect for the Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series from 1980 to 1983, most notably for the quality, craftmanship and the brilliance of the newly designed Tim Shaw pickups. The Heritage series is a breath of fresh air after the abysmal pancake body/poor pickups and all round poor quality that came from Gibson from 1969 to 1980.

The Gibson Les Paul Heritage Award was the absolute top of the line for the Heritage Series and only around 50 were ever made. I believe that the Awards were distributed to stores in the USA which performed well with sales of the Heritage Series. The Award model are equipped with the most stunning bursts, gold hardware, ebony fingerboards, solid one piece mahogany neck and body and lastly they are equipped with Tim Shaw humbucking pickups. In our opinion, these are the best pickups you’ll ever find on a Gibson.

The Les Paul Award is all original and complete with its beautiful brown case with pink lining. The handle is missing and has been affectionately replaced with a silk tie. The pots are CTS branded (137) dating to the 29th, 40th, 45th and the XXth (can’t read) weeks of 1980. All soldering is original and un-touched. The serial number is, well, number 8. The Tim Shaw pickups are completely original and date to 1980: 137 8 80 at the neck and 138 8 80 at the bridge.

This Les Paul Award has been in our private collection for a few years and is in near immaculate condition. There is very little tarnishing to the original gold hardware. Take a moment to look at the beauty of the burst, it truly is breath-taking. As soon as you open the case it just hits you, I cannot emphasis that enough. I do hope the photos have done it justice.

Plug this one into a 1950’s Watkins Dominator and you can achieve it all. That is the holy grail tone right there and you simply don’t need anything else. This is without doubt one of the greatest Les Paul’s we have ever had. This Les Paul would take on any Gibson Les Paul and we are willing to put our name on that statement.

There you have it, yet another masterpiece here at JTKM STUDIO and a true rarity.

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