First time on the "national" market.
I purchased it from the original owner a couple years ago, with no intention of selling it.....but you know how that goes.......

I dont think the guitar had ever been cleaned ! Took me several days to get the "muck" off......but a well preserved finish !

The s/n dates 69, but the pot that I can read, is 52nd week of 68. The 2 tone pots are original, the volume pots have been changed, as has the toggle switch (but the original is included).

All the "right" Stuff !!
1 piece neck , 1 piece body.
Lots of "spiderweb" checking & some wear, What a VIBE ! Relics' wish they could capture this look !!!
Long neck tenon.
No volute, no Made in USA (duh).
Weighs 10.01 lbs on my digital scale.
Neck at the 1st fret is a beefy .91, 1.01 at the 12th.
I had the guitar re-fretted with 6105's, as the originals were toast. New nut, but original is included.
It had Schallers, but I put on some 50's reissue wafflebacks (I already had them lying around) with oversize bushings.
The bridge is a faber abr-1 but the original abr-1 with nylon saddles is included.
Same for the tailpiece, Faber aluminum with new studs. The original Tailpiece is included, but too deep for the faber studs.
The truss rod cover is a 70's LP Custom .
The knobs in the pics are a nice set of 68's I had......since I took the pics, the original owner called me with the original knobs he had found, so the ones you get are the originals, but more worn than than these pictures.
Everything else is original. Pat Sticker p.u.s, M69 rings.
Appears the cover was removed from the bridge pickup, but its been put back on (sloppily) by the original owner.
Original guard with "flathead" screw.
Plays & sounds GREAT and a pretty hard guitar to find .
Comes with the Original Hardshell with a changed handle. All latches present & accounted for & working properly.
Hope I haven't forgotten anything.......Please feel free to ask questions.

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