Okay, this guitar actually started out as an early 1969 Les Paul Custom... and then some hippies got a hold of it. YIKES! It has been HIGHLY MODIFIED... and has had a headstock break on top of it. When it first came in the shop we struggled with what do with it. Try to restore? Change back to some more normal parts? Nope, we decided to let it go back out in the world in all of it's hippie glory. Apparently it was a real shop in San Francisco in the 70's that modded out guitars called Stars' Guitars on Folsom St. (they seem to have been affiliated with Alembic and the Grateful Dead)

Let's start with what is original on the guitar. One-piece Mahogany body and neck, pickguard, pickup surrounds. Finish looks original but the tuner holes on headstock are filled in and finished over. If the neck is refin'ed it's a very old one...

Literally, everything else on the guitar has been changed to brass Stars' Guitars parts.

Wrong parts include Gotoh tuners, scalloped brass nut, pickup selector surround is wider than normal has two screws holding it in (ouch), knobs, bridge and saddles, tailpiece, and truss rod cover.

The pickups are Seymour Duncan (Jazz in the neck, JB in the bridge). The electronics are gutted and replaced. The guitar has been refretted. The X factor is the headstock crack and possible neck separation from the body.

These are pictured as well as possible. The finish blacklights as it should and appears to be original. The top of this guitar actually LOOKS great... it's a shame about the rest of it.

Guitar comes with late 70's era Gibson chainsaw case.

If this guitar was all straight it's a $13,500 guitar. With all the issues we figured about 1/5 of that. You gotta start somewhere, essentially this is a project guitar for someone who has the time and means to resurrect the carcass of a '60s Les Paul...
Oh yeah, weight is 11 lbs. (but there's a whole lot of heavy brass parts on it)


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