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Late 80's early 90's Les Paul's are known to be some of the Best Gibson's Produced and this one is no exception. Just in on trade with a renewed purpose of life. Let me say if you want a cosmetically perfect Les Paul Custom run from this! If you're looking for a Great Les Paul Custom (the great ones are always played ) whose integrity is spot on then this might be for you.

We just had the following doneFretsFrets leveled, crowned and polished by Phil D'Angelo. Phis is one of the Top Luthiers/Techs on the Eastern Coast. He cut his teeth and learned his Craft from Tommy Doyle.

Wiring HarnessBeing a Emerson Custom Dealer I had Phil install a Emerson Custom PreWired Kit with CTS Pots and Oil Caps. PickupsBrandon Wound Custom  Hum🐔Cluckers™ made exclusively for my shop Moe's Guitars are installed. The front is a variation on Brand Wounds T Top and the back is a Variation on his '59 Humbucker. They are clean and drive extremely well, while delivering the Squishy 50's Gibson Tone in the Center Position. That is the Sound most manufactures speak of, but fail to deliver. These pickups also carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

There is a video demonstration attached comparing the Gibson Burstbuckers in my R8 to my Brandon Wound Hum🐔Cluckers™ in my Warrior Isabella '59.

Pickup Mounting RingsThe Original Black Rings were Cracked, so we gave it a bit of a Frampton Comes Alive look with Cream Mounting Rings. Those can be changed back to Black if desired.KnobsWitch Hat Knobs just work better for me, but if you prefer the Speed Knobs they are in the case.IntegrityThe truss rod is fully functionalThe fret board has been oiledThe instrument is strung with 9.5'sThe action and the intonation is setThe instrument plays better than new ones off the rack.Ships in a non original Gator Case

CosmeticsNo Cracks or Structural RepairsThere are various nicks and dingsThere is hanger rashThere is back rash, but not through the Black FinishThere is discoloration to the binding

People pay THOUSANDS of Dollars for relics commercially manufactured. This one was done with Love and Years of Practice.

Weight9 pounds 8.5 ounces

Neck Profile and DepthThe profile is a small round 50's shape. No where near the size of most  Les Paul Customs.Depth0.84 1st fret0.90 5th fret0.95 12th fret

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