Never have we seen Les Paul owned guitars for sale, and then they announced Julien’s of Beverly Hills in June of 2012 was organizing an unprecedented event where Les Paul’s entire musical estate would be sold at auction. This two-day extravaganza was historic; those lucky enough to attend were offered an insight and historical perspective into Les Paul’s life unprecedented and never to be repeated. It is with great pleasure that we offer one of the nicer guitars purchased while attending this once in a lifetime event. This beautiful piece comes with full Julien’s documentation and other peripheral materials. This lovely instrument is a NOS (new old stock) 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom serial number 80571064 in natural with a maple fingerboard stamped “second”. Interesting and rare model, there were two like this in the Les Paul estate, both mint NOS, both stamped “second” we purchased both of them. Much of the auction was newer instruments, hence we were excited to buy a few older instruments, we believe from a collector’s vantage point, the older the better. I believe Gibson sent Les these two “seconds” to modify, as he was known to do. We saw many examples of like guitars cut up and fitted with hand made low impedance pickups and other Les Paul custom preferences. We learned by observation that Les Paul never liked binding and had a specific fret style and size he liked, most of his guitars we retro fitted with Ibanez adjustable bridges and other aftermarket parts, he always made his own low impedance pickups that were custom engineered for specific sounds and purposes. He had no problem removing stock parts and cutting up original guitars, it’s who he was and it teaches us quite a bit about Les Paul the man. You now have the opportunity to buy a Les Paul owned Les Paul guitar that he didn’t have time to modify. The guitar as mentioned is brand new with shipping tissue, there’s absolutely no wear or damage. There’s no better investment than this pristine 1981 Les Paul Custom serial number 80571064 from the estate of Les Paul, Julien’s lot 238, inventory number G45 with auction catalog, auction display description, auction hang tag, small auction flyer, Les Paul Foundation flyer, Gibson case paper, Gibson packing tissue with original Gibson hard shell case.

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