Really nice rare 1976 LP Deluxe. to Gibson shipping records only 3 Natural LP Deluxe guitars were shipped from the factory in 1976. Attesting to its provenance is two round stickers inside the control cavity which say "NAT". It had Schallers but now sports its original Gibson Flower tuners (some slightly bent) which is why they may have been changed out. Six small Schaller holes were expertly filled. It may have the wrong truss rod cover but I'm not sure. All original and weighs in at 8lbs. 13oz. so by no means is it a boat anchor. I could not get a good pic of the back because if the reflection. It has a small amount of buckle rash, but nothing to lessen this guitars beauty of maple over mahogany. I'll send any pics you want. Just a great beautiful guitar.

Year Condition Color Case
1976 Excellent Natural Hard

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