This 1956 Gibson GA-40 is one of our favorite amps to come through the shop, bar none. These mid to late 50s amps are true sleepers. They are as unlike Fender amps as they can be, but the Gibsons are finally being recognized for the unique and tonally awesome amps they are.

Don’t be deceived by the 14 to 16-watt rating of the twin 6V6 power tubes. These amps are plenty loud and when you crank them they will peel the paint off the walls. But volume and crunch are only as good as the tone that goes along with them, and the GA-40 has tone that is as delicious as it is unique.

This GA-40 has two channels each of which is voiced differently. Channel 1 (Mic or Inst) is a bit hotter than Channel 2 (Instruments), but with a simple jumper cable between the two channels you can bridge them together for yet more possibilities. Each channel has separate volume control. The tone (Voicing) control applies to both channels. And finally, Channel 2 has incredible tube-driven vintage tremolo. Comes with original foot switch, too!

The Les Paul GA-40 is increasingly being recognized for the vintage tone monster that it is. As people wake to what these amps can do, the price they command continues to rise. Now is definitely the time to buy. And not just because these amps are still a relative bargain, but because they are awesome amps that measure up against the best vintage amps.

Year: 1956

Make: Gibson

Model: Les Paul GA-40 Amp

Color: Two tone brown

Serial: 53874

Condition: Very Good

Modifications: New 3-prong power cable and newer leather handle

Comments: A sonically unique and robust vintage amp at a bargain price

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Thunder Road Guitars PDX

Very Good
Two Tone Brown
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