Hello everyone and thanks for looking....Selling a Historically Significant Guitar..
.A 1999 Gibson Les Paul "Old Hickory"...Made from the Salvaged wood from "The Hermitage"..Home to President Andrew Jackson. An amazing guitar ..very to only 188 Guitars..this is #92. Mint shape with no issues..This is one of the prettier ones as they are Made from Poplar not a very pretty wood..Weighs 8 lbs 7 oz...nice weight. Please email me with any questions or for more info. Free US Shipping with Buy it Now. I do ship Worldwide. here's some more info from Gibson

"July 10, 1998 -- Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Musical Instruments, announced today that Gibson will build up to 200 "Old Hickory" guitars using a historic tree that was downed at The Hermitage during the tornado that ravaged Nashville in April, making national headlines. The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson, suffered extensive damage in the storm, especially the loss of a 275-year-old tulip poplar tree - a state record holder in age and size, and already an old tree when Andrew Jackson lived at The Hermitage from 1804 to 1845. Gibson has teamed up with The Hermitage to secure the fallen tulip poplar tree and produce the highly collectible guitars. Each one features Andrew Jackson's portrait inlaid on the headstock [in mother of pearl], the name "Old Hickory" inlaid on the hickory fretboard [in mother of pearl], and a portrait of The Hermitage mansion on the pick guard [in mother of pearl]. Three special guitars will have a mother-of-pearl banner inlaid on the body, highlighting key dates in the life of Jackson and The Hermitage."

The first of the run is in the National Museum of American History - part of the Smithsonian's collection! Their description:

"This guitar was made by Gibson in Nashville, Tennessee in 1998. It is an "Old Hickory" ([President] Andrew Jackson) model electric guitar..... The guitar is made using wood from a 275-year-old tulip poplar tree, which is the largest in the state of Tennessee, and hickory wood from a tree that grew in the garden near Andrew and Rachel Jackson's tomb. This guitar is the [one] in [a] series of 200 specially made collector's electric guitars.... Andrew Jackson's portrait is inlaid on the headstock, and his nick name, "Old Hickory," is inlaid on a hickory fretboard. An inlay of The Hermitage mansion appears on the pickguard. Both inlays are made of mother-of-pearl."

Year Condition Color Case
1999 Mint NATURAL Original Hard

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