Another, "HAND PICKED", Custom Shop Les Paul. I'm a 45 year expert on Les Paul's and LOVE these reissue guitars. Being accomplished pro player I literally go through hundreds of these and pick out one or two of the very best playing and sounding. Having owned and played many original "Bursts" over the years my ear knows what to listen for in the selection process. I don't care about the colors or the tops because everyone has their own tastes and so I concentrate on the most important aspects, TONE!

This particular guitar is another incredible recreation of the real deal by the best and most respected in the business, "Historic Makeovers", starting life as a hand picked Wild Wood "Featherweight". Do to the incredible hand picked wood that is both light and resonant, this is the perfect Les Paul, for the person that just wants that one perfect guitar and would rather spend a little extra rather than own several, none of which would come close to this one. 2013 is known as the good wood era and it's been perfectly reliced and aged by the very best. WE ship overseas!

The guitar weighs 7 lbs., 13.4 oz.

The neck measures 0.89” at the first fret and 0.97 at the12th fret.

AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars

AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars

2013 (1958 reissue)
Near Mint
Caspian Tiger Burst
11 Years
AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars
Owner Peter Trauth.
Henderson, NV
2:44 PM
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