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I've never been a fan of relics but sometimes they can look pretty authentic and this 2007 R9, while aged, looks like it was done thoughtfully. Many are not. Nice top too and a dark, dark fingerboard that looks like Brazilian (it probably isn't). Neck is huge. Pickups are boutique Smits (I've never seen these before but they sound excellent). It has some aftermarket parts. Grovers have been added. The pickup rings are high end repro. Inlays are upgraded to Mazzucchelli. Knobs are repro. I think everything else is stock. I don't know who did the aging. This guitar is from an estate and I have no information beyond what I can see. Case looks brand new and is likely original. If you want stock pickups, I probably have a pair of Burstbuckers I can swap in. I also have Throbaks, Wizz and a few others. If you want to go nuts, I have lots of vintage parts (PAFs, tailpiece, studs, bridge, tuners, switch tip, knobs and maybe a poker chip). It sounds wonderful as is-the pickups are hot (8.45 and 7.48K) and will happily send your amp into overdriven bliss. At 9.4 lbs, it's not a lightweight but a bit of that is the Grovers.

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