Beautifull Gibson LG-2 Banner Sunburst from 1943.

This LG-2 doesn't have a trusroad, and therefore have a bit of a fat neck... But still, very easy to play : Its action is very low. No neck reset were made...or needed actually. A bit of work was professionally done a while ago on the bridge (just re-glued)

In terms of sound, well, this is quite simply one of the best picking guitar we've ever heard.(check our video). Works fine as well with strumming, but picking is the way to go with this type of small Gibsons.

These Gibson Banner are very sought after by collectors and players alike, and for good reasons, this guitar is amazing !

Exclusively at Guitare Collection, Paris !

Year Condition Color Case
1943 Good Sunburst Hard

Daniel Zeiller
PARIS, Ile de France
1:00 PM
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