From the seemingly endless stream of Gibson LG-2s from 1946 or thereabouts comes this one, ostensibly from 1946 (but who could really know for sure?), and…… it’s got the highly desirable and much coveted “script logo” which, I’m sure you know as do we all, makes it sound better. Weird thing is, it seems to really be true, at least in this case. It does sound FABULOUS, and we’re experienced enough to not question why, just play it and love it. It sounds HUGE, and just keeps on going and going every time you stroke it. Great-feeling neck too, nice and round but no so big as those wartime ones; there is an adjustable truss rod, which those from during the war do not have. So…….. In totally great condition with no cracks and no indiscretions anywhere; tight as can be everywhere; finish clean and 100%; and never fooled with by a single unauthorized party or any party for that matter, one very whole and wholesome just-post-war Gibson and you won’t want to ever put it down. PS…has ultra-cool black buttons on its original Kluson tuners; we put ‘em there and we’re proud of it.

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