2016 Memphis Custom Shop Historic Series 1963 ES-335 VOS

This is the "1963 ES-335 VOS" model of the historic series that uses hide glue and long studs.

Small block position markers, short pickguards with an edge angle of 45 degrees, stop tailpieces, slightly pointed cutaway shapes, nylon saddles, double ring peg buttons, and other specifications from 1963 have been faithfully recreated. It uses Adirondack Sprue bracing and tubeless historic truss rod.

The neck has a slim grip, which is typical of 60s models, and the pickups are MHS Unpotted Humbuckers Alnico III & Alnico II.

There are some scuffs on the pickguard and the body back, but there are no other noticeable scratches and the guitar maintains excellent condition.

The frets are slightly dented in the low position, but frets remain about 70% overall, and the neck and the truss rod are in excellent shape.

Body: Maple/Poplar/Maple
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Weight :3.56 kg

Case: Original Hard Case
Accessories: COA

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