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Set up ready to play 2017 ES-335

By far one of the prettiest ES-335 Light Faded Bursts to come through my shop. Not only is it a looker, but a Monster player with plenty of bark, bite and lush tones.

The instrument has low hours of use without signs of wear. Other than picking marks on the guard it is in Excellent Condition with it's integrity 100% spot on. No issues or repairs! Ships in its Original Gibson Case with COA.

Weight 8 lbs 1.4 ozs

Neck width
1.680 1st fret behind nut
1.848 5th fret center
2.028 12th fret center

Neck depth
0.92 1st fret
0.92 5th fret
0.97 12th fret

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Gibson Memphis
Light Faded Burst
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