Bought this a few days ago from vintage correct. Sounds amazing, but I was able to get my hands on a matched pair with covers.

This example is out of an early 1960 Gibson guitar. This is an "Archtop" Spaced PAF Perfect for the neck application in ANY guitar, not just an archtop. We've used these in both neck and bridge positions on our personal Les Paul conversion and they sound incredible!

This is no exception at a nice HOT robust output of 7.58k.
100% original, this pickup sounds absolutely magical.

This is THEE ideal pickup for the restoration of your Burst, or the finishing touch on your 52/59 Conversion
Go the extra mile on your Makeover or Gibson Historic and deal with some REAL DEAL 1959 PAF TONE!

Aside from some minor pick-wear to the bobbins, this stunning PAF is in excellent original condition
No repairs, no rewinds, sticker is in fantastic shape.

early LONG 2.5" Alnico sandcast magnet

black bobbins are very clean

"L" tool markings on feet (pictured)

"circle in square" bobbin opening (pictured)

black lead wires (pictured)


early purple PAF enamel coated bobbin wire

Phillips base plate screws

Patent Number sticker in very good condition

7.58k on the meter

Original braided lead wire


Just Joe

Double Black
Just Joe
Joe Norman
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