Pete Townshend - autographed and played 2000 Gibson Custom Shop Pete Townshend Signature Model PTP SG Special electric guitar, made in USA, ser. no. PTP 010, with signature and 10/10 annotation in gold to the head reverse, within Gibson hard case with original fabric sleeve

*The Pete Townshend SG signature model was released in 2000 as a limited run of 250 units. This example being number 10 within an initial run of 10/10. This example is sold with the original certificate of authenticity and warranty card. Also included, is a Polaroid image of Pete Townshend playing the guitar, annotated 10/10 to the corner, along with an audio recording of Pete testing the guitar. The test audio in CD format has a hand written note from Pete Townshed on the cover reading 'Pete Townshend tests No 10, (c) The owner of No 10, 010517, Thanks for helping my charity help folks in need'

** Please note: this guitar comes with a standard Gibson hard case, not the special Anvil case that is usually seen with this model.

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