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Most folks don't know that they made SG's in 1960. There are a few and they are slightly, slightly different. No Les Paul designation because the deal to put the name on SG's wasn't done yet. The pickguard material is a slightly different plastic (I've seen this on a few 60 345's as well) and other than that, it's pretty much the same as a 61. The serial number on this one uses the old system like a burst but it isn't inked on-it's hand stamped. I thought maybe it was restamped but there is no sign of any work having been done on the neck. It's all original (except the tuner tips) and in remarkable 9/10 condition with very little fade to the red. Two sealed PAFs sound amazing. Most importantly, there are no stress cracks around the neck or in the cutaways. This is what separates an SG you should buy from one you should walk away from. Stress cracks (they look like checking but they aren't) tell you that the neck is moving and not as structurally solid as it should be. I've seen SG necks held in place by the strap pin after the glue has given up. This is really important. If you're looking at somebody else's SG to buy, ask if there are any stress cracks around the neck join. I'd say there's at least a 50% chance that there are (and the seller will say they are checking). The SG neck join is not Gibson's best work. Nice rare brown Gibson badged case.

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