On Hold!

I purchased this from a friends’
( that is no longer with us),family.
He bought it in 76 or 77, I actually saw it then.
No breaks / repairs.
PAF’s are long gone (not by me) but all the electronics are original and dated ‘61.
The bridge is an early chrome Abr-1 with nylon saddles.
The truss rod cover may or may not be original, as I have seen some from this era with the thin border on LP Customs.
Nut has been replaced.
Toggle switch cap not original.
Frets are original & small.
Typical early 60’s wide/flat neck, measuring .79 at the 1st & .84 at the 12th.
Nut width 1-11/16ths.
Weighs 6.86 lbs the way it sits.

If you look closely at the s/n you will see a shadow of another s/n under.
This guitar almost certainly left the factory black and they may have painted over a white one for a dealer order.......or the original finish was flawed & they did it over.
At any rate, I can’t find any evidence of another color. It blackilights perfectly.
I have actually seen the same thing on 2 different white SG Jrs.
The checking is consistent with nitro that age.
(It was checked when he got it in the 70’s,I remember).
The s/n font is correct.
Everything is there with the exception of pickups/rings.
So, install PAF’s, Aftermarkets, your call.
Comes with the original black textured hardshell.
Black SG/LP Customs rarely come up for sale.
About as sexy as it gets !!

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