Gibson SG Standard Black Wildwood special
"The story of the SG goes begins in 1961 when it was first introduced as a replacement for the Les Paul model. Later, the Les Paul would be reintroduced, but the SG’s impact changed the landscape of Gibson guitars forever, and our Wildwood Spec SG Standards are our tribute to that legacy. We’ve worked closely with the Gibson Custom Shop to design a faithful reproduction of the SG that started it all, so it features a hide glue neck joint, a premium mahogany body, and–of course–our signature Wildwood Spec Custom Buckers. It’s a loving recreation of a timeless classic, and we firmly believe that the passion that went into this collaboration has imbued these guitars with all of the heart, soul, and mojo of a vintage instrument. We couldn’t be more proud of our relationship with the Gibson Custom Shop, and we are honored to present our exceptional customers with the fruits of our collaboration: the Wildwood Spec SG Standard."
This example comes in a beautiful ebony finish, that extends into the binding inlays on the fingerboard. Has some wear around the arm rest area, just barely revealing the red colour of the wood underneath the thin, nitro finish. Good condition.

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