A very clean and lightly used 1963 Les Paul Standard, with a typical 1963 set of one PAF and one Pat # Decal Humbuckers.

A very well done heel repair, and the lack of use on this beauty, makes me think this example sat in the case for years unplayed, and had a recent neck heel replacement. The repair is higher quality than what you see on most older repairs.

Nice weight at 7 lbs 11.5 0z, with clean finish with great clarity and no fading from sunlight, and no wear.

Hardware is super clean with little pitting or corrosion, except on the single line double ring original Kluson tuners.

Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, 1 11/16th’s at the nut.

1st Fret: .830
7th Fret: .924
9th Fret: .9657
12th: .991

Untouched solder joints. These 1963 Patent # decal humbuckers are identical to their PAF decal brothers, with the exception of the decal.

These SG Standards are prone to heel breaks, and this example is no exception. The repair is very high quality, which makes me think it was done recently.

Original lighter pebble grain case in excellent condition.

This guitar is a great value: One PAF’s, one early Pat #, untouched solder joints, old growth mahogany with a Brailian Roswood neck, with a no-wire ABR-1 and original case and true “Gibson Authentic” construction! Some dealers are asking pre-bubble prices for double PAF SG Standards now, so guitars like this may be a solid investment. $9,500 Bank Wire Transfer.

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