Not all guitars look good in Pelham Blue but the SG is certainly one that does. Too bad they didn't make very many. This one is really nicely refinished-there is not a trace of red to be found. Even the checking looks authentic (and it may be, this wasn't done yesterday). But it's a refinish and refinishes get the obligatory 40% reduction in value. But consider this-the pickups are early patents-purple enamel coated wire windings. These are identical to late PAFs so the pickups alone are worth $2500-$3000. No sign of a rewind. The serial number is gone but the neck profile is clearly early 65 (same a 64) and the pot codes are 65. It has a 1 11/16" nut (the wide one). Personally, I'll take a Bigsby B5 over a Maestro any day and this SG has the less common Bigsby. It's a terrific player. It appears that the neck was re-glued and reinforced with a couple of dowels but there is no sign of a break. The headstock shows no sign of any work. There are no stress cracks in the cutaways or at the neck join (common on all SGs). There are a few changed parts: The tuners are not original-they are later 60's. The bridge is a Gibson no wire repro. The truss cover is old but not original. The upper strap pin has been moved slightly to the treble side-no idea why. Surprisingly, the guitar has its original frets in very good shape. Everything else looks right. No serial number visible. Excellent player, a great looker and killer tone. Original case in fair shape.

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