1957 Gibson Southern Jumbo:
Found this guitar locally in SC. Was in poor shape and not played in a long time…but it was played and played hard and long by the owner’s granddad. Even has the original 30 to 50 year rattlesnake rattles in it like the old Bill Monroe bluegrass players used to do. The finish is original and you can see a few battle scars and some of the finish in spots (lacquer) has not really blistered but sort of looks like an orange peel texture now.
This is a tremendous guitar - the sound just rolls out of it and not as “dark:” as some old Gibby’s can be. The sound is very full and well balanced. These are the most sought after of the slope shoulder Gibson’s, and for good reason.
We did a neck reset, and a refret by Joe Wilson, noted luthier in Charleston, SC. It had pretty much tiny “banjo” frets on it so we replaced them with nice playing frets just a hair larger than whet it would have come with. Plays tremendously now. We did not to want to change the character of the SJ in any way if we could help it so we didn’t. No cracks or problems. This guitar was played so hard by granddad, the divots or digs under the high E, B & G stings were so deep in the 2nd and 3rd fretboard positions there was no saving them. Joe Wilson did a fabulous job with vintage matching Brazilian rosewood and replaced the 2nd and 3rd fret sections of the fretboard and you cannot tell it was ever done.
Neck is not too fat or too skinny…really nice feeling in any one’s hands no matter your size. Has mahogany back and sides, tapered headstock, double parallelogram fingerboard inlay, multiple ply binding, 2 piece spruce top, tuners appear to be 1965 and guitar is over 60 years old - who knows what stories it could tell. It’s just a great old Gibson with a strap button added at the top of the heel non original new hard shell case.

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