Successfully restored 1914 Gibson Style A mandolin. Came to me cheaply in "attic find" condition, so I'm able to offer it reasonably. Here goes: Original tuners and complete tailpiece in excellent condition. Original bridge, but new rosewood saddle. Only two of the three original saddle sections were with it (included here of course). Original pick guard and bracket were saved. The astute Gibson mando aficionado will notice that the narrow neck-side end of the PG is 1/2" shorter than it should be. That was crystalized and lost. I reshaped the end and it looks OK now. The original brass bracket is in great shape. Not so for the celluloid piece under the PG (badly crystalized). I replaced it with a faithfully fabricated piece out of ebony. Looks great and functions perfectly. Finish was originally heavily coated in schmutz (that's a technical term - lol!), but it cleaned up wonderfully. Great patina and cool nearly microscopic weather checking. Plenty of bumps and bruises but nothing serious. Its two biggest flaws are the section of misaligned back seam and the center seam separation along about 6" of the back. Both are tight and stable, and do not affect playability or structural integrity. Just very old wood that has shrunk at different rates. I re-glued the side seam just enough to keep it solid, but you would easily be able to conduct the surgery if you ever chose to try to address this. One minor and tight top crack on the bass side just above the neck joint. No other issues. Label is intact and fully readable. BTW, I've left the action a bit high - 1/16" at the high side and 3/32 at the low side. I'm not a mando player, so I figured I'd leave the final set-up to a new owner. My guess is that if this instrument is of interest to you, this ain't yer first rodeo! The neck itself is straight and solidly set. Very slight fretboard relief with an equally slight hump at the joint. Not enough to affect playing. A few very slight pits on the frets. Again, I doubt that they affect playing. Good quality brand new hardshell case. Great price for this less-than-museum-piece classic instrument.

Hootenanny Vintage Guitars

10 Years
Hootenanny Vintage Guitars
Thomas Patrick Diggins
Youngstown, OH
1:20 AM

Real charges only - no added materials or handling charges. All guitars insured for full value. I will use the least expensive shipping available, although this may be slow in some circumstances (e.g. parcel post). Please let me know if you desire a faster, albeit more, expensive service. Please allow 2 - 4 days of time to prepare and pack your guitar IN ADDITION to the actual shipping transit.

NO buyer's remorse PLEASE! Damage or loss in shipping = insurance claim (with which I will be glad to assist you). At my discretion, a disatistfied buyer may return a guitar (with a thorough explanation) for a full refund of purchase price but not of shipping. I'd rather begrudgingly take back a guitar than truly disappoint a customer. If, however, I have ever made a serious error in identification/originality/damage etc. that negatively affects a guitar's value, then a full refund including shipping will be given. PLEASE file any return claims ASAP - seven days at most.