1928 was a transitional year in string music — the banjo was being replaced by the guitar as the primary rhythm instrument and banjo players found themselves looking for work unless they could make “guitar sounds”. Enter the tenor guitar, a 4-string instrument that tenor banjo players could play immediately. Several manufacturers jumped on the tenor guitar bandwagon with Gibson and Martin leading the way.
This fine sounding example, introduced in 1927, was Gibson’s introduction to their line of tenor guitars. Production was short-lived as the model was discontinued in 1933.

Featuring an all mahogany body, with single ply body binding on both top and back and a mahogany neck, this instrument is elegant in its simplicity. The peg head is simply adorned with the “silver paint” Gibson logo. All parts are original with the exception of the newer white bridge pins.  With its extremely comfortable 14.5” lower bout and 22 3/4” scale, it's a pleasure to play.

The original condition is excellent overall, with many areas showing the normal nicks and scratches that one would associate with an instrument that has been well played for over 90 years. stk#VGG6003

$1,450.00 with newer chipboard case

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Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage
Bob Page