wow a 56 Strat from Gil Yaron. As expected it stands above all expectations. Old reclaimed wood (rare mahogany body), old maple. wow here is what Gil had to say:Don’t you want to know why they are so special? (-;
Well.. both have old water cured mahogany for the body and reclaimed maple for the necks.
Basically… much older wood than on a real pre-CBS Fender Strat!
As you may know, Mahogany bodies did exist on pre-CBS strats and teles and are very rare.
here are the specs"

6 0050 Dakota Red 56 Strat Mahogany

100% accurate Pat-Pend bridge and saddles -
100% accurate 56-65 Nylon knobs and plastics -
Premium body -
Reclaimed maple neck –
ATA case

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